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As we have announced recently that it is now technically possible on MARA’s online archive for us to share our books and documents from our digital archive, here is information about a few important documents made available.
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MARA has reached a new milestone now that it is technically possible to share books and documents on its online archive available to the public, researchers, and students.

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In recent months MARA has acquired important material to add to its’ collection. This material will give us knowledge and information regarding events in the modern history of the Assyrians. [Read more]

Important technical information regarding MARA’s database user accounts. [Read more]

MARA Foundation is starting today a fundraiser, please read below on how you can support this important work. [Read more]

Important technical information regarding MARAs’ database follows here.  [Read more]

April 17, 2012 – The MARA Foundation Facebook page is open to the public.

MARA Foundation Releases its Website 

April 1, 2012 – MARA Foundation releases its website that will serve as a portal of information on MARA Foundation and its activities.

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